The Bug Patch - 12 Patches


If you're considering picking up a pack of 12 patches then we're willing to bet that you are looking to try out The Bug Patch to see if it works and that's OK!

100% Money Back Satisfaction GuaranteedThe bug patch delivers on its promise to repel the annoyances of mosquitoes, flies, and ticks that will greatly enhance your quality of life outdoors while leaving those itchy bumps behind.  

We're confident that you will find that our patches will deliver on what they promise and should you be disappointed please note that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.  We suggest starting out with two patches and with 12 you can look forward to at least 6 full days of mosquito protection!


The Bug Patch Works!

Bug Patch For Family
The Best Bug Repellent For Outdoors
Bug Patch For Sports
The Best Bug Patch For Events